How Often Do You Think of Travel?

If you’re like us, you think about it every day.

Hi! We’re Meghan (on the right in the image below) and Christie (left) and we are the creators, trip curators and trip hosts of Girls Who Go. We specialize in bringing womxn like you on small, intimate group trips. But before we tell you more about our trips and travels, let’s talk about
how and why we started Girls Who Go.

We think about travel every day. It’s truly our our Number 1 hobby. So we decided, what better than to take this passion and share it with others.

That’s why we started a travel blog back in 2017. But, at the time we were both bogged down with work and it was hard to keep up with writing new material. Meghan was working over 40 hours a week at Broken Shaker, one of the top bars not only in Miami but also the world, and Christie was teaching in a public school in Spain while also giving private lessons and teaching online. Eventually because of these hectic work schedules and other life changes and happenings, the blog fizzled out.

Come a pandemic later, Meghan was out of work for a while and continued searching for a way to turn travel into something she could do more often, with the hope the pandemic wouldn’t completely shatter all plans for future travel. And Christie decided to continue teaching online and go back to school for her Master in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). However, as The Pandemic continued, we used our travel stories to help us get through it, sharing memories and laughing along the way. This created more hope for travel in the future.

Jump to the end of 2021, Meghan was working in the restaurant biz again and Christie was teaching TESL in the U.S. while trying to fulfill her course requirements. However, no matter what our jobs, we always had travel on our mind, so we knew we needed to continue brainstorming.

What could we do?
We could write the blog again…but words and advice are only so much. We wanted to share these experiences with other people, not just write about our own past experiences. It would be so much more awesome if we were able to bring people on our trips to share these experiences and stories with other solo travelers, make connections, and make new friends (especially after The Pandemic, we’ve yearned for social, human interaction) all while doing something we love so much.

That’s when we started working hard to turn that idea into reality by curating and hosting vetted, small-group trips for womxn!
Filled with all of our favorite spots to eat and drink, activities, and much more, our trips are perfect for both new and expert travelers alike as we have intertwined our specialties (Meghan’s food and beverage knowledge + Christie’s know how of living and adapting abroad + both of our aptitude for customer service) into each of our trips.

What Makes Our Trips the Ideal Way to Travel?

  • Our trips are like Solo Travel but this doesn’t mean that you’re alone. You get the best of both worlds: traveling on your own, and going on a group trip with friends. You can book our trips on your own, travel to a from on your own, and have all the downtime you want while also having the option to go with the group to all of the activities, make new connections and have amazing experiences with other people. Your solo travel stories become shareable inside jokes so the memories of travel continue in vivid and lively conversation.
  • You get to make new friends on hosted group trips! Which we think is the BEST part! Making connections and having these experiences with others is always the most memorable aspect of a group trip.
  • Planning a trip is stressful, even with friends…especially when no one can make a decision or agree on one. But with our hosted group trips, you don’t have to worry about all of that. If you come with us, you’ll see that we’ve really done our research. We’ve spent hours Googling, planning out logistics, booking activities, etc. All you have to do is get there. We take care of the rest.
  • No flake friends. Best friends have their own lives these days and it’s hard to plan together accordingly. Many friends bail! (Trust us. It’s happened).
  • Coordinating the stays and activities while not knowing a place can leave you feeling anxious & defeated. On our trips all of the bookings are taken care of for you. And if you travel with us as your hosts, you can rest assured you will get the best food, drinks and experiences as we have already scouted out each destination!
  • There’s no stress to say “yes” on our trips. On our hosted group trips you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings- you can still travel how you’d like to travel and choose when to partake in activities or have your down time.
  • We curate our trips for sustainable travel. This means that we stay in one location a bit longer so that not only does the local economy benefit, but your energy is sustained throughout the trip as well. This way you have time to explore; not merely will you see the place, you’ll get to know the place, its people and its culture.
  • Planning a trip with friends always tends to leave someone being the mom of the group. Everyone knows that there is always that one responsible friend who ends up taking care of the others. With our hosted group trip- no one has to worry about that! Everyone can just enjoy and us and our local guides deal with the logistics.
  • You’re in control of the budget since the trip cost is paid in full before you go! You know what is included and you know the few extras you need to budget for. There are no surprise expenses.
  • No one has to be the one to put down a credit card in order to book the place and activities for everyone else! You’re only responsible for yourself. We can both attest that this is a big one. We’ve both been on trips with friends where we were spent so much time trying to figure out who owed who and who would pay for what and/or how things would be divided. You get all of the benefits of traveling in a group, but don’t have to worry about who owes who!

We are Unique in that We Host Our own Trips.

We aren’t like the other travel companies that sell large group trips. We don’t pawn our buyers off onto hosts they don’t know and trust, who they will never see or talk to again. We want to make connections and sustain our relationship with other travelers. That’s what makes our trips so much better…the trust and relationship we have with our clients. Because in the end you’re not just a client to us, you are part of the Girls Who Go Girl Squad and our travel BFFs! We love the Girls Who Go Community and want to know you all individually, as well as you know us. 

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