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Christie and I became friends way back in 2004. We had a few mutual friends and living in small town Greenville, North Carolina meant nearly everyone knew everyone. So it comes as no surprise that the reason we initially became friends is because we had both dated the same guy….not at the same time of course. Once we met we became fast friends discovering how much we had in common. Over the past 13 years we have lived in the same city for only the extent of a summer, but we have always remained close. Years of traveling across the country to visit each other or traveling to new cities together intensified our bond.

In the summer of 2005 when we shared a love of bright colored eye makeup, Greenville scene kids, and cheap beer. 

Wasting time in Williamsburg while waiting for the train


with our friends Josh and Lauren in Brooklyn Heights

In Plaza Midwood and Noda in Charlotte, North Carolina

Eight years later we booked a music festival cruise, S.S Coachella together, along with our friend Lauren and my boyfriend, Shawn. Little did we know the doors it would open for us.  We can both look back now and pinpoint it as a life-changing moment. For me, I returned to Miami for the first time since my childhood and realized my desire to return. For Christie, she became friends with someone on the cruise who would soon introduce her to Europe for the first time. It opened the door for her to fall in love with Spain. Two years later Christie took the leap to move to Spain, and I to Miami. We have been meeting up yearly to explore Europe together ever since, realizing our love of travel more and more. Feeling as we have had rather unique experiences and information to share, in 2017 we decided to found Girls Who Go: The Broke Girl’s Guide to Traveling. We hope to encourage people just like ourselves to take risks, get lost in new cities, fall in love with new places, and leave your hometown to explore the world.


Christie and I at my wedding in 2014 

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