I just spent 10 days in Paris in May wandering around pretending to be a local trying to find my inner amateur photographer. Paris has always been at the top of the cities i love but we made a list of the top places we have visited so far this year – of course Paris was on the list but if you’d like to see where else, check out our list here.

Here’s some of the better spots I ventured to.

Montmartre! Located on top of the butte a little north of the city center, The village of Montmartre is for artists, musicians, dreamers and lovers. It’s the ideal Paris for those who wish to travel back in time to the days of Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, and all the other starving artists surviving off absinthe, bread and wine.


For those of you who are avid fans of the film Amelie: if you wander a little further away from the artisan square and head back down toward Pigalle you’ll find yourself in some of the famous spots from the film! Like Cafe des Deux Moulins or la Marche de la Butte!  There’s even a vintage foto-mat you can find to take your own photo strip in!


Palais Garnier: The opera house! It does cost to enter but no more than fifteen euros.  We’ll talk more later about our favorite inexpensive tourist spots to visit in Paris but this is definitely on the list.


Galleries Lafayette is just a quick walk away and free to enter. This shopping center has unmatched beauty of any I have ever seen! Bring your wallet full though if you plan to shop because literally nothing you’ll find there is inexpensive.


Everyone knows the Louvre is a can’t miss spot, but you don’t always have time to venture inside to see the massive collection they house. A short walk down from Galleries Lafayette you can find your way into the courtyard while exploring the city for free!


Louvre_pyramid_paris1And of course, you have to make time to find La Tour Eiffel. We took a uber into the area from Pere Lachaise which gave us the opportunity to walk across the bridge over to the tower getting tons of really fun photos along the way. You of course can choose to wait in line to go to the top but everyone knows the best pictures are from the grassy area opposite the river. Along the Seine river you’ll find a carousel and great photo opportunities but since they have constructed a wall at the base of attraction it’s not quiet the same.


Rue Cremieux is of the beaten path and honestly just a little bit of a road but its beautiful and magical and worth finding for photos. I had seen it before but our friends Guillaume and Anais brought us over to it this trip while wandering through parts of the city I would’ve never found on my own.


Canal Saint Martin – Another famed spot from Amelie but also just a beautiful neighborhood.


All in all, most of Paris is magical if you find it at the right angle. Spend some times in less known neighborhoods on roof tops or on bridges near the seine and you will find amazing photo opportunities.

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